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Residential interior and exterior painting, Commercial interior and exterior painting, design consulting, sheetrock repair, repaints, new construction painting, custom painting and epoxy floors
Proper prep work and quality materials will help in preventing early failure along with protecting your investment
Caulking plays a large role in protecting all the component’s inside the walls of the home. It helps prevent water intrusion that leads to rot and also helps keep your heating and air inside the home where it belongs
Hiring a painting contractor is more than just a person showing up and applying paint. It all begins from the first call and carries through to the follow up, showing up to appointments on time, getting the proper information for the project and scheduling. Then how many times have you seen a contractor show up late or just not show up at all after you have given them your hard-earned cash. At Cyclops Painting we show up on time and do the work we agreed to do in a professional manor.
You want to trust the professionals in your home or business.

Residential Services

Your home is your sanctuary. It must be designed & furnished inside and out to match your preferences. We paint, beautify and personalize your residential spaces with the utmost commitment to lasting results and customer service.

Commercial Services

We understand the importance of giving clients the right impression of your business. We help optimize your workspace’s interior and exterior cost-effectively, and ensure your building truly represents your business!